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Privacy and security are critical in the connected business world. HULFT’s Connect solution provides inbound and outbound access that allows vendors, remote offices, and people to upload and download data to securely integrate with your internal systems without compromising security.


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Easily manage data flows across companies through complex networks with multiple levels of human expertise.



HULFT Connect includes a sophisticated access system for control of who has rights to upload or download data. Connect employs the latest encryption techniques to deliver your data without tampering or the possibility of snooping.

Fast and Easy

Connect lets you create systems that quickly deliver data to untrained or novice personnel while protecting your internal system and reducing personnel management overhead



With flexible configurations for high availability, auto restart, and multiple failover options, we make sure your information arrives intact.


From Windows and Linux to Mainframes and the cloud our solutions work everywhere.


Over half of our customers integrate data with vendors, customers, and government agencies


Growing compliance and reporting requirements are driving business processes to open access to data.

HULFT Connect provides secure walls around your internal systems. Connect lets you precisely open doors to allow access to particular data.

Safe, Private Access for External Users
Connect can provide a download or upload link to create easy transfer of external data while keeping your network private.

Easily Deploy Temporary Access Privileges
Connect has extensive user management features to control access and encryption of sensitive data.


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