HULFT Director

Data management requirements are growing more complex every year. More systems and apps are integrated, more users and user types are added, more collaborations with partners, and more customer/vendor interactions must be integrated with ever more complicated applications. HULFT Director helps configure, monitor and control these complex interactions.


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Director manages everything in the network from a central location.

  • Director allows you to automatically install HULFT tools on the remote system in your network.
  • Director can see logs, configuration, connection status, workload processing, and system status of each system under management.
  • Director monitors installation and activation rights for each system in the network. Upgrades, updates or moving licenses and configurations are easily managed with a few clicks.
  • Remote installation is easier than ever. A lightweight agent is easy to load on any machine in the network. The Agent connects to Director and then all software installation, downloads etc are managed by Director.
  • Configuration of data flows is made much easier through Director. Manage backups, move configurations, create new point to point or multicast connections– all while monitoring what is happening in the network.


HULFT Connect includes a sophisticated access system for control of who has rights to upload or download data. Connect employs the latest encryption techniques to deliver your data without tampering or the possibility of snooping.

Fast and Easy

Connect lets you create systems that quickly deliver data to untrained or novice personnel while protecting your internal system and reducing personnel management overhead


With flexible configurations for high availability, auto restart, and multiple failover options, we make sure your information arrives intact.


From Windows and Linux to Mainframes and the cloud our solutions work everywhere.
Enterprise data is spread over many systems, network nodes, formats and locations. Anytime the data must be moved, IT staff must know how it was gathered, when and where was planned to be moved, guarantee that it successfully moved and provide connections to other systems and services.

Know Where Your Data Lives
HULFT Director manages the Transfers, Connections, and Integration from a single management console.
Director is the administrator’s best way to manage license usage, User access, upgrades and monitoring uptime and compliance

Get Your Data to the Right Place
Through Director, IT professionals can implement a wide variety of data flow designs and then validate the design and monitor the rollout of a new process.


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