Bringing data logistics back. Why now?

I recently sat in a meeting with a group of high-level IT executives – one of whom was the VP of enterprise analytics and chief data scientist — at a leading regional hospital to learn more about their data logistics problems. What struck me throughout the conversation was how a nationally ranked health care system with 14 hospitals, nearly 7,000 physicians, and practitioners, and 50+ outpatient locations were still mired in some of the most mundane data logistics headaches that have long been the status quo.

Take, for example, the 200GB of files the hospital needed to move to and from various hospital systems. The frustrations around moving files with FTP in the multigig and above range is familiar for most organizations – the folks we talked to at Jefferson reiterated them all: failures, sluggish, time-consuming, lots of delays…all compounded by overall poor user experience.

And even when (or if) those transfers are finally completed, the chief data scientist still faces a huge information bottleneck. Not only does he have to pull data from far-reaching systems across multiple hospitals, he’s trying to figure out a way to prepare diverse and often inconsistent medical data sources for reporting and analysis. He recognizes that Jefferson’s ability to improve patient outcomes is directly related to the stories and insights that live within their data. But gathering and understanding that data is a formidable hurdle.

And that hurdle is why HULFT, as a company, is faced with an exciting opportunity.

Did data logistics ever really go away?

To say we’re “bringing data logistics back” implies that it once went away, which is hardly the case. After all, we don’t hold a dominant market share and 25 years of customer success for no reason.

I would say, however, that as an industry data logistics has stalled. In the 1.5 years since HULFT, Inc. was established and more than 1000 conversations with U.S. customers and users later, clarity has evolved: It’s time for data logistics to grow up and move out of the enterprise basement.

HULFT Director is a first but important step

I’m proud to announce the availability of HULFT Director for the U.S. market. In product development, it’s easy to lose sight of the people you’re creating the product for. It all starts with customer experience because if your product is hard to use, people will leave it aside. It’s why I stuck closely to HULFT Director’s development phase and spent countless hours working in the product itself.

One of the reasons why the data logistics industry has slowed in innovation is because most of our customers are reluctant to change – why fix something that’s not broken? Their top of mind issues overshadow the difficulties and mediocre experience. We’re setting out to break the status quo, and the launch of HULFT Director is a first step in giving our users a modern, smooth, and seamless experience in managing their data flows. We are enabling our users to improve outcomes for stakeholders, whether they are patients or board members.

Taking the helm

Our customers have been using data logistics tools that have been around a long time. Data architects are spending valuable time and resources moving, transforming, prepping, cleansing, manipulating data – and the problem is only getting worse as data, applications, and devices increase. The tools they’re using, while functional to a certain extent, are outdated and clunky.

HULFT can show them a better way. In the short term, we’re putting a new product into their hands, but it’s more than that. To reference SISCO’s own mission of creating innovative solutions that contribute to future society, we want to change the way they view data logistics, not merely as a tactical tool that “does the job,” but a strategic one that can help them eliminate the drudgery of data grunt work, reduce human errors, giving them more time to focus on the things that matter to them and to their stakeholders.

So far, 2018 has been an exciting year for us. We’ve added to our data logistics portfolio with the introduction of HULFT Director, a secure, centralized console that manages all your data workflows. Don’t miss this risk-free 30-day trial  – you can find information about it here.

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