Why clever software – not expensive hardware – is they key to a competitive future for America’s automotive industry

Factories like yours are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Decades of IBM mainframe technology and aging, disconnected systems have pushed businesses to the brink, preventing 90% of them from growth and efficiency.

Modernization is your path to moving competitively ahead and saving everyone’s jobs along the way — but you can’t afford the upgrades.

The widespread, but inaccurate belief is that modernizing requires scrapping and replacing aging systems with expensive new hardware.

It’s not true. Clever new software (i.e. machine language) has the ability to make old machines young again — saving you millions in unnecessary hardware costs, and saving you hundreds of thousands in avoided costs through workflow efficiencies.


There’s a new breed of small, innovative data logistics companies creating simple software solutions for complex business problems — helping companies, like yours, modernize for the future — at a fraction of the cost of scrapping and replacing.

Chances are, Toyota, Honda or GM — or your biggest client — is mandating the removal of manual data entry and paper-based systems throughout their supply chains, in favor of Just-in-time (JIT) product and logistics information.

The size, scope and complexity of this request can seem insurmountable. But the risks and consequences of not acting are certain. So, you can’t wait until your problems pile up and become more difficult to tackle.

You have limited IT resources, lack the capital needed to purchase expensive new hardware, and don’t want to instill your employees with fear and uncertainty around whether they can adapt to new workflows and processes.

Where do you start?

If you’re like one mid-west auto parts maker, you could start with HULFT, a data logistics company in Silicon Valley, who recently saved them millions, by modernizing their legacy systems with software, instead of hardware.

In 60 days, devices were upgraded and manual data entry eliminated to incorporate JIT product, inventory and shipping information.

Prosperity for your business depends desperately on modernization — but not without disrupting production, replacing expensive hardware, or changing the way your people work.

Innovation at HULFT doesn’t stop with their software. They have a no risk approach to winning customers. If they can’t solve your problem with a solution customized to your needs, you don’t pay. Zero risk. So much upside.

Book a quick call with HULFT today. After a quick chat, we’ll know if we can help — or we’ll find you someone who can.

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