Expanding our capabilities in digital transformation for healthcare and manufacturing

HULFT, Inc. and AAJ Technologies establish partnership to enable digital transformation solutions in healthcare and manufacturing

HULFT Inc. and AAJ Technologies have established a partnership to help companies in the healthcare and manufacturing verticals leverage digital transformation solutions that enhance productivity, increase customer engagement and have a positive impact on the bottom line.  Both of these industries suffer from a burden of legacy IT systems, a lack of hard to find IT talent, and the budgets to upgrade to fully modern systems.

“Our customers constantly have the need to both leverage all of their existing systems while being compatible with the newer systems of their ecosystem partners,” said Dave Corbin, CEO of HULFT, Inc.  “Combining the technical capabilities of our modern data logistics platform with the digital transformation and enterprise integration experience of AAJ Technologies will create some very compelling solutions for both current and future customers.”

Adds Amjad Shamim, CEO and Managing Partner of AAJ Technologies, “AAJ Technologies customers not only expect us to properly consult, design and execute digital transformation solutions, but they expect those solutions to be built using robust, proven technologies.  HULFT has a sterling reputation worldwide and we are proud that they have chosen us as one of their first partners in the North American market.”

In healthcare, HULFT and AAJ will be working on multiple use-case solutions that aims to solve some of the many issues surrounding secure interoperability as well as address the efficient use of resources by applying process automation to many tasks currently requiring manual data entry.  For the manufacturing sector, the partnership will address legacy IT system upgrades and increased efficiency and customer engagement leveraging the capabilities of IoT/IIoT platforms.

About AAJ Technologies

AAJ Technologies< based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been at the forefront of digital transformation, enterprise integration, custom software development, modern web and mobile, and BI and Analytics for over 20 years. The AAJ team works with companies in various industries with a specific focus on healthcare organizations, at every stage of the digital transformation process to make real and impactful change. Through their best-in-class technology expertise, unique, personalized approach and methodologies, AAJ helps companies find new ways to engage with customers, drive satisfaction through innovation, and build both revenue and market share, essentially becoming the “secret sauce” in their client’s secret sauce, and a partner in their client’s growth.  For more information visit www.aajtech.com

About HULFT Inc.

Today’s enterprise works hard for data. IT spends time and money manually connecting far-flung silos of data which are often insecure. A division of Saison Information Systems (TYO: 9640), HULFT has helped more than 10,000 global customers automate, orchestrate, and accelerate the secure flow of information at scale. HULFT provides a single global platform that helps IT quickly find, secure, organize, transform, and move the right information – automating the entire business process of data flow, and unlocking value in a sea of information. With 25 years of customer experience, HULFT is the engine that makes data work.  For more information please visit www.hulftinc.com.

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