HULFT partners with Notiphy on innovative approach to supply chain logistics

Manufacturing customers can now integrate thousands of real-time data sources and current business processes – offering deskless workers “anytime anywhere” access to data.

San Mateo, CA and Chicago, IL – October 27, 2020 –   HULFT, a comprehensive data logistics platform, and Notiphy Corporation, a workforce process management and connected worker platform, today announced a new strategic alliance that will enable manufacturers to integrate, digitize, and visualize manual process workflows from multiple data sources, systems, and sites.

Within manufacturing and supply chains, data supporting a breadth of functions such as factory operations, logistics, customer records, smart sensors, IoT, and edge-sourced systems abound with both speed and volume. Much of this data is tied to critical business processes such as warehousing, transportation logistics, or inventory management and frequently, workers are forced to rely on paper and manual workstreams to complete tasks.

Through this partnership, HULFT and Notiphy will offer a new Notiphy Data Connector where data input and output are completely streamlined, automated, accurate, and integrated between Notiphy and its customers’ other management and data applications. Powered by HULFT Integrate, a no-code data integration solution, Notiphy will help organizations implement connected worker technologies and create a data-driven work environment, thereby increasing employee productivity and morale.

Supply chain logistics and manufacturers are still running paper processes from 20-30 years ago,” said Masahiro Maruyama, COO of HULFT, Inc. “Our strategic alliance with Notiphy, combined with HULFT’s integration capabilities within production management, inventory visibility, transportation and logistics, will enable our customers to thrive in the digital age.”

“We are excited to work with HULFT and offer the integration and data capabilities our customers need to make intelligent business decisions and increase their productivity and profitability,” said Bob Wise, President of Notiphy.

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