HULFT’s Parent Company Saison Information Systems Appoints New President and CEO

At its 53rd annual general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors meeting held on June 21, 2022, HULFT’s parent company Saison Information Systems announced today that Makoto Hayama has been appointed President and CEO effective June 21, 2022. Former President and CEO Kazuhiro Uchida will retire from the Board of Directors and assume the role of Advisor.

Saison Information Systems aims to become a data engineering company by 2024 in pursuit of its vision: “Realize the Top Position in Specific Categories. Achieve Overwhelming Presence in Designated Fields.” In this process, 2022 will be a very important year for the company.  Saison Information Systems will continue to move forward toward the future together with its customers and partners through advanced services that respond quickly to changes in the business environment.

“Saison Information Systems faced a critical business condition in 2016, but thanks to the tremendous efforts of our former President and CEO, we have improved our business structure, and with the support from our customers and partners, we celebrated our 50th anniversary last year,” said Makoto Hayama, President and CEO, Saison Information Systems.

Hayama continued, “in addition to growing our main business, we plan to launch the next-generation cloud-based data linkage platform, HULFT Square later this year.  This launch is both a major achievement and a starting line for our company that creates ‘connecting values.’  Also, within our core business, we are steadily providing a platform of safety, security, and stability in response to the trust of our customers.  We are trying to create new services unique to our company for the future. Through advanced services that can respond quickly to changes in the business environment, we will continue to strive for the future with our customers and partners.”










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