Parsable and HULFT Announce Partnership to Help Industrial Companies Better Access, Integrate and Deliver Data Across Business Systems

Parsable and HULFT to kick off partnership at HULFT Days event in Japan

San Francisco (BUSINESS WIRE)– Oct. 29, 2019 – Parsable, provider of the leading Connected Worker Platform, and HULFT, a comprehensive data logistics platform and division of Japan-based Saison Information Systems (TYO: 9640), today announced their new partnership. Together, they will provide a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution for industrial companies to accurately execute, measure and transform frontline work by streamlining the flow of data from Parsable across their enterprise applications and systems.

Large industrial companies are often challenged with massive volumes of operational data sets living across different silos throughout their organizations. Increasingly, the data is both structured and unstructured, and multimedia assets like video and photos are often added to the data mix.

As part of the new partnership, HULFT will offer a HULFT Integrate adapter for Parsable that allows companies to establish an out-of-the-box connection between existing systems or databases, and frontline work execution data collected by the Parsable Connected Worker Platform. HULFT Integrate provides an intuitive, no-code data integration architecture that is compatible with all major data destinations and ERP systems. Its drag-and-drop user interface allows users to create cooperation flows, data conversions, and processing through a simple, intuitive visual interface.

Together, Parsable and HULFT will allow industrial companies to move, access, or integrate information between Parsable and other applications and systems, without custom-coding and development time. Companies can make more informed, accurate and data-driven decisions to improve worker productivity, quality and safety.

Parsable and HULFT will kick off the partnership at HULFT Days 2019, an annual global gathering of top business and technology leaders to discuss the future of data and its role in information technology (IT) and beyond. The multi-day event, which includes venues in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, will begin on Nov. 7, 2019.

“The power of the Parsable Connected Worker Platform is truly realized when there is efficient sharing of human activity-related data between the wide variety of sources and systems that exist at large companies,” said Lawrence Whittle, Parsable CEO. “HULFT understands the unique technology challenges and opportunities that our industrial customers face. This partnership is the result of our joint commitment to make sure the world’s deskless industrial workers are empowered with modern digital tools to do their jobs well, and that managers and executives have access to the critical insights that can only come from holistic data about human activities out on the factory floor or in the field.”

“The needs of industrial teams and the pace in which they have to access and react to data has changed drastically over the last decade,” said Yoshihisa Yamamoto, CEO of HULFT. “Gone are the days of manually extracting the information they require across different silos of an organization. The reality is that our customers require faster time-to-value — frictionless data integration solutions that automate and accelerate the flow of data without breaking IT budgets or replacing expensive systems. The HULFT and Parsable partnership demonstrate this shared vision and principle.”

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Parsable ( helps the world’s largest industrial firms get jobs done right – every time. Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform enables employees to collaboratively execute their work using paperless, digital work instructions on mobile devices. In addition to measuring every step and action, workers can raise issues and provide feedback in real time so that every process is quickly analyzed and improved. With Parsable, companies gain unprecedented visibility into their operations, uncover detailed data about their work processes for continuous improvement, and attract new tech-savvy talent. A member of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Parsable is headquartered in San Francisco with offices throughout North America and Europe. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter (@ParsableHQ) and the Parsable blog.

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Today’s enterprise works hard for data. IT spends time and money manually connecting far-flung silos of data which are often insecure. A division of Saison Information Systems (TYO: 9640), HULFT has helped more than 10,000 global customers automate, orchestrate, and accelerate the secure flow of information at scale. HULFT provides a single global platform that helps IT quickly find, secure, organize, transform, and move the right information – automating the entire business processes of data flow, and unlocking value in a sea of information. With 25 years of customer experience, HULFT is the engine that makes data work. For more information please visit


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