A Q&A with Laura Pullins, HULFT’s director of digital supply chain

Laura PullinsMeet Laura Pullins, HULFT’s new director of digital supply chain. Laura’s rich experience spans manufacturing, warehouse operations, inventory control, and international trade. In a couple of days, she’ll be visiting various cities with a mission to connect with other women leaders in supply chain and manufacturing. Her objective? To hear directly from customers what’s working and what’s not when it comes to data integration solutions within supply chain and manufacturing, providing our product teams with real-world feedback so we can continue to create customer-centric solutions. Here’s her full schedule – email her at lpullins@hulftinc.com to schedule a time to meet in your city.

Describe your role with HULFT.

As the director of digital supply chain, it’s my duty to help suppliers identify their most urgent technology problems, then find a path to solving those problems in the quickest most cost-effective way possible.

How does your past experience benefit our current customers?

In my 15 years of experience as a global supply chain executive, I’ve worked in all aspects — from production planning, manufacturing and warehouse operations to material control, replenishment, transportation, and customs compliance. If you run a supply chain, chances are I’ve faced the exact same problems you’re facing today.

What is the biggest challenge facing our customers today?

First, data siloes. In his recent article in Forbes, ARC Advisory Group’s Steve Banker describes it as “information black holes” that dominate supply chains and is a big hurdle for organizations that want to embark on digital transformation. They’re trying to link together critical information among a complex network of suppliers, customers, and partners.

Another challenge is unlearning old habits and traditional ways of doing things. (Irina Rosca, director of supply chain at Helix, describes it like being stuck in a web.) Supply chains are being mandated by their largest customers to eliminate manual data entry, paper-based workflows and migrate to real time product, inventory and shipping information. However, most of these companies operate on aging legacy hardware and lack the resources (time, money and expertise) to do so.

What products or services can help customers overcome those problems?

HULFT offers a range of software solutions that renews aging architecture, without halting production or drastically changing how people do their jobs. I’m very excited about HULFT Integrate, a powerful, yet flexible, tool that can help supply chains find and access the right data  – it can connect to any and all your data sources, databases, APIs, and more.

What makes HULFT different?

Our people. We’re experts who have held similar positions to our customers, so we know what questions to ask to help solve their problems quickly and cost-effectively. We embrace a partnership approach and a consultative model. This helps us eliminate risk for our customers, providing them with peace of mind.

If you only had 20 words to tell someone how you can help, what would you say?

We’ll use simple software — not expensive hardware — to help your supply chain eliminate manual data entry and automate workflows.

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