Real-time KPI dashboards in weeks, not years.

We combine Microsoft Power BI visualizations with the most trusted data integration layer, and lead you through a 30-day consulting project that results in customized dashboards for your team.

Dashboards are only as good as the data behind them.

HULFT Business Intelligence Dashboard

Only 30% of the data you need is in a format that your dashboard can consume.

HULFT’s world-class data integration engine covers 100% of legacy and modern data sources.

You don’t have time to clean dirty data sets.

Our no-code data automation process ensures that old or duplicate data is cleaned and transformed before it’s served up on your dashboard.

HULFT covers all your changes going forward.

Like your business, dashboards are constantly changing. Need to visualize a new KPI? Add a new data source or connection to an external partner? We’ll handle it.

With the HULFT monthly subscription, you get an end-to-end BI service. Plus, simple and predictable billing.

Leveraging the most widely used visualization tool. That you probably already own.

The growth of Microsoft Power BI has taken our industry by storm. And with it comes the new reality that the BI projects no longer take years and millions of dollars to produce a dashboard that visualizes the key 5-10 KPIs that reflect the health of your business.

Today, you can create a culture of data-driven analysis and real-time reporting from scratch within 4-8 weeks. In fact, if your organization has a Microsoft 365 agreement, you already have the viz tool you’ll use and HULFT provides the rest!

HULFT Business Intelligence Interfaces
HULFT Business Intelligence

Tiered Solution Structure

$699 / month
$1199 / month
$2000+ / month
Custom Power BI Environment
Power BI application administration or connectivity
HULFT gets admin access to your environment, creates users and roles, and configures your account.
Standard dashboard configuration
We make quick work of setting up your basic BI dashboards, saving your team days or weeks.
Dashboard Doctor session with experts
Our BI experts can review your current dashboard(s) and KPIs and suggest new ways to visualize them and improve your business measurement.
Training & onboarding
Training needs vary. For Enterprise customers, we organize online video events to ramp up your whole team at the same time.
IndividualSmall GroupTeam
BI reports
We’ll create your core reports and send them to your team as often as you like.
1-2Up to 5Up to 10
60-day historical data storage on HULFT OneDrive
If required, HULFT will store your data on our servers (costs may vary depending on TB usage of data).
Data for Business Intelligence
Microsoft Office and Power Apps data feeds
We configure all the Microsoft data plugins you have into your BI environment.
Enterprise-grade data security
Power BI is built on top of Microsoft’s user management and security systems. This allows for full hierarchical control over data access for users and teams across an organization.
Structured data feeds into dashboard
As part of every service level, HULFT locates and connects all your data that is ready for Power BI.
Implement standard web plugins, extensions
We’ll build and manage your library of standard connectors.
Data repository connections
As data integration specialists, we can connect your cloud-based data to the BI engine – regardless of complexity. Our Enterprise-level solution can even create direct data connections from functional systems to BI visualization.
12 - 34+
Complex data transformation and preparation
Performance Indicators (Metrics)
Industry standard metrics
Whether you’re in Manufacturing, CPG, Supply Chain or another industry, we have a library of metrics to choose from.
Up to 5Up to 10Up to 15
Industry standard KPIs and data visualizations
If you have industry standard KPIs you would like to measure against or need to create a unique data visualization, we’ve got you covered.
Select this tierSelect this tierSelect this tier

Pricing starts at $699 per month.

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