More than 10,000 customers in 43 countries trust HULFT to provide the backbone of their enterprise data architecture.

IBIDEN USA Eliminates Error-Prone Manual Processes with HULFT

Manufacturing | HULFT Integrate

Customer Benefits

  • 24 percent reduction in order processing time
  • 42 percent reduction in sales order entry time
  • Increased accuracy of order processing, pricing, and accounting
  • Increased employee productivity

Machinery manufacturer streamlines order processing with HULFT

Manufacturing and Machinery | HULFT Transfer

Customer Benefits

  • Streamlined operations by automating order processing systems
  • Mitigated risk of order error by eliminating the need for manual input
  • Optimized the order management process, which significantly reduced lag time, communication errors, and late orders
  • Provided technology solutions without the need for IT support, particularly in remote areas
  • Mitigated the risk associated with connectivity issues through data storage and transfer automation
  • Enabled overseas locations to share data with other locations, not just headquarters
  • Increased overall department productivity by freeing up worker time to perform other tasks

A data integration platform that helps reduce development and operational man hours by 50 percent

Nutritional Supplements | HULFT Transfer, HULFT Integrate

Customer Benefits

  • Consolidated and standardized data sharing between 30 different business systems
  • Streamlined a seamless data integration process of 10M+ interactions per day
  • Reduced development and operational man-hours by more than 50 percent

HULFT modernizes the transfer of sensitive medical information for commercial printer

Commercial Printing | HULFT Transfer, HULFT Integrate

Customer Benefits

  • Provided an effective communication infrastructure within a closed network for transmission of sensitive medical records
  • Established higher network reliability with fewer development man-hours
  • Eliminated the need for secured physical transport of files by vehicle
  • Enabled cost-effective servicing of new customers with lower data security needs

Improving people’s health through seamless integration with activity meters

Information Technology Services for the Healthcare Industry | HULFT Integrate

Customer Benefits

  • Two-thirds reduction in development time
  • Provided an efficient alternative to an outdated, expensive, FTP based data-transfer, while increasing security and reliability
  • Seamless integration with other companies, making it easy to expand the program in the future
  • Integrated data download from a user wearable with a separate point card system to create Japan’s first points-based system that rewards physical activity
  • Allowed for scaling of user quantity at an increased rate with minimal additional costs

A just-in-time inventory process requires a file transfer solution that can keep up with demand

Semiconductors and Electronics | HULFT Transfer

Customer Benefits

  • Eliminated inventory errors and inaccuracies between the warehouse and operations system
  • Automatically detected data transmission errors and prevented future transmissions until the issue was resolved
  • Removed the need for batch file transfers, which reduced data transmission time from 30 minutes to three
  • Achieved seamless integration with the warehouse management system and the operations system
  • Streamlined workflow for warehouse staff, resulting in increased employee morale

Global leader in material handling speeds up and simplifies data integration

Material handling and automation | HULFT Integrate

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced total cost of development and operations
  • Able to standardize interface development
  • Data integration reduced to two minutes
  • Enabled easy creation of new interfaces

Medical technology pioneer harnesses data integration solution to drive operational efficiencies

Medical Technology | HULFT Transfer

Customer Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency of the IT department
  • Manual data compilation replaced with automatic email delivery
  • Product quality information shared sooner across the company
  • Able to shift tasks from time-consuming batch processing

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