Data Capture and beyond:
HULFT automates workflows and business processes. Watch how.

Process more than 100 pages per hour, per instance

Automate data collection across all electronic documents

Capture critical data, quickly and easily

Digitize change order and invoice processes

Streamline data workflows

Expedite and connect to any system or data integration initiative

Reduce time to insight for analytics

Other benefits
  • Extract accurate, usable data
  • Minimize incomplete documentation
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Minimize human errors
  • Support compliance
  • Increased processing (or bulk processing)

HULFT Data Capture

  • Invoices
  • Accounts payable
  • Delivery orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales orders
  • Shipping orders
  • Confirmation orders
  • Fillable contracts and forms
  • Legal forms for HR, sales, finance
  • Bill of materials
  • CAD/CAM designs
  • Packing lists
  • Bills of lading
  • And more

Capture and deliver critical data from any document

Leveraging OCR technology, HULFT Data Capture changes the way data is managed between you, your customers, vendors, and partners by eliminating the time-consuming process of manual data entry and custom coding transfers of business documents.

Choose how much automation you want to use.

Our process can be fully automated from beginning to end, or paused for any level of intervention for purposes of data validation and approval. You make the choice.

Pay only for the services you use.

HULFT Data Capture is built on a flexible, scalable, and usage-based model. Our experts are available at any point to oversee or provide technical support for your data transfers.

The right data in the right place.

We can take the next step in connecting the data back to your database and system of choice, or you can take it from here. If further data prep is required, our solutions consultants will show you how HULFT Integrate can transform and convert data into a specified structure or format, send it to a desired destination, and deliver it into core business applications, processes, and workflows.

How it works.

Send us your PDF or Excel documents

You can email files directly to us, or upload them into our HULFT Cloud Services portal – either way, it’s fast, easy, and we keep your data safe and secure.

Validate your data

The HULFT Cloud Services portal provides real-time visibility into the workflow, which tracks your documents from receipt to return, sends alerts and escalations if something needs to be addressed. You have full access to validate and adjust the data based on the predefined parameters.

Tell us the data you want

Once you identify the data fields you want to capture and rules for future validation, we’ll do the rest. You’ll be provided a secure HULFT Cloud Services portal login to check on the status of your documents anytime you want.

Your data, delivered

Upon completion, we’ll notify you when your data is ready to download directly from the HULFT Cloud Services portal.

Tutorial: Getting started with HULFT Data Capture is fast and easy

HULFT Data Capture: Commonly Asked Questions

What is HULFT Cloud Services?
HULFT Cloud Services is a cloud-based portal that offers an ever-evolving set of intelligent data capture services that
eliminate time-consuming data integration workloads, transform automation capabilities, and take aim at data and workflow integration for business documents and images that companies use every day.
What is the HULFT Data Capture service?
This new service allows customers to easily and directly upload or email their PDF files that contains either text or images; it then takes incoming PDF files with invoice images and converts to database-friendly data. The entire process can be fully automated or paused for intervention to validate and approve the data before further processing.
How is this different from other data extraction or capturing tools out there?
HULFT Data Capture is typically integrated into a workflow as part of an RPA solution. Most data extraction tools require significant manual interaction such as uploading the file, waiting for results, downloading the data and then manipulating it to the right format. HULFT provides extraction of the data with the ability to directly connect it to your internal or external databases.
Can HULFT handle PDF files that contain both text and images?
How do customers access this service?
Users can upload data in bulk or send PDFs or Excels as an email attachment to the service. Through a web portal,
customers can also monitor progress and correct the data early on in the data flow, which saves time and minimizes false
data injection into the ERP or order management systems.
How will HULFT ensure my data is secure and protected?
HULFT is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. Please review our policies here. While no data transmission can be guaranteed 100% secure, we have put in place security systems designed to protect against unauthorized access to or disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information you provide to us, and we take reasonable steps to secure and safeguard this information.
What about GDPR?
We commit to meet the highest standards in managing user information. User data and customer data will be retained
only as specified on our Privacy policy and we will meet the strictest standards of security and protocols defined by the EU GDPR rules.
What do you do with my data once the projects are completed?
HULFT deletes your data at a time specified by you. If you do not wish to delete your data, we will host it for 90 days, after which all data will be archived.
How do you track usage of a Service?
HULFT Cloud Services have several usage monitors based on the type of service. These can be billed on monthly flat rate plans, billed per access, or billed for bundles of accesses. For example, plans are available for access to services based on the number of documents sent through the service per month or you can purchase using a monthly fee for unlimited numbers of documents sent through the service.
How will I be billed?
Most services offered will be managed and billed through HULFT Sales based on HULFT Inc’s standard terms and conditions.
Are credit cards accepted?
What customer support will I have? is the path for quick resolution of any issue. Additional escalation is available through HULFT Sales

How do I terminate my account?

HULFT Sales will assist you in terminating your account if requested. Our Terms of Use policy
includes basic terms of billing, operations and effect of termination. At your request, all of your account data can be
removed per the EU GDPR requirements.

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