How It Works

Multichannel Ecommerce Software Integrations

Whether you sell on one channel or several, HULFT integrates seamlessly with all major seller marketplaces, shopping carts, POS systems, and shipping carriers.

Synchronize 50+ supplier data feeds into one dashboard.

Tell us what inbound data sources you have and where it needs to go.

Count on HULFT to automatically connect the dots between inventory, sales, shipping, and more.

Unlimited Integrations. One Flat Fee.

Amazon Seller Central
Google Shopping
HULFT Ecommerce Infographic

List, sync and ship your inventory, all in one platform.

  • Products and Listings
  • Inventory and Warehousing
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping

Custom features at your fingertips

HULFT connects and integrates your digital selling workflows. Your customizable dashboard allows you to drill in to find specific answers or zoom out for summaries.

Icon: Historical Data

Historical Data

Once we have exchanged keys and secured our mutual relationship, we will pull all of your data from each marketplace since the start of your business.

Icon: Trend Data

Trend Data

With all of your data in your database, our public app within Google will give year by year trend data with multiple views of historical data.

Icon: Profitability


We create a running tabulation using your marketplace data. You set the parameters for your custom profit and loss sheet.

Icon: Shipping


We provide a running report of shipping and receiving for all your market places.

Icon: Spreadsheets


Custom spreadsheet with all of your reports. We update it and you control it on the platform of your choice.
Icon: Database


All your data in one place. Customized queries to give you answers to your most most pressing questions.
Icon: Inter-marketplace sync

Inter-marketplace sync

We synchronize fulfillment, product movement and inventory updates. True multi-channel fulfillment with order tracking.
Icon: Finance Processing

Finance Processing

Centralize your invoice, P.O., and bill of lading processing. We extract data from your invoices and bills of lading, and automate your P.O. creation.
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