Ecommerce never sleeps. HULFT automates your business and keeps it running 24/7.

We work with companies of all sizes selling everything from high-end jewelry, to art supplies to organic nail polish. No matter what products or sales channels you use, we’ve got you covered in one of these packages:

Level / SubscriptionEntrepreneur
$99 / month
Master Level
$199 / month
Code Level
$999 / month
1-time Setup Cost
In a single session with our Concierge Team, we’ll learn what data feeds and reports matter to you most, and start populating your dashboards with real-time data feeds.
+$200 setup fee+$500 setup fee+$1000 setup fee
Marketplace Reports
HULFT collects reports from all marketplaces and imports them in to your seller dashboard.
Marketplace Inventory Sync
Know instantly when a product sells and see marketplace inventory changes happen automatically. Follow your product from the payment to when your customer signs for it.
Shipping Visibility
Be able to track where your product is at, at any time — whether it’s on a boat, in a container, at customs or in the warehouse.
Historical Reports
Most marketplaces give you 90 days of data. HULFT will provide you with all of it since the day you began trading on a given site.
Trend Data
In addition to all your historical data, we’ll show you the trends and the visual charts that make them easy to understand. Sales, shipping, returns, geo-analysis, you name it!
Business Forecasting
Most seller forecasting tools are simple calculators. HULFT’s proprietary algorithms can adjust for seasonality and pinpoint whether sales shortfalls are due to out of stocks, shipping logistics or marketplace issues.
SEO, PPC Optimization
Know which dollars you are spending on advertising are delivering ROI – and not.
Custom Connections
Connect other tools you use such as project management (ClickUp), Keep a (price analytics, repricing). If it has an API or HTML front end, we can connect it.
Custom Alerts & Notifications
Just determine what notifications matter to you most, and we’ll deliver them – negative seller reviews, stock outs, fraulent product listings. Aleritng can be done by text, email, or a phone call.
Business Intelligence
Integrate any custom 3PL or distribution partner, no matter what electronic system they use to track your inventory.
Custom Feature
HULFT has a 35 year history of integrating critical data in complex scenarios. If there is something you need that’s not on our standard feature list, we can do it.
Custom Ecommerce ERP Creation
At some point during the growth of your business, your will outgrow your seller dashboard and we’ll need to create an enterprise-class ERP system for you.
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