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Ecommerce never sleeps. HULFT automates your business and keeps it running 24/7.

We work with companies of all sizes selling everything from high-end jewelry, to art supplies to organic nail polish.

No matter what products or sales channels you use, we’ve got you covered.


Case Study: GadgetWraps

Inventory Reconcillation

We spend over 100 hours per week keeping track of inventory that is already at Amazon.


  • Bring down 186 products from AWS inventory into CODA, the integration control platform of Shopify.
  • Integrate AWS MarketPlace Adapter and Grafana dashboard
  • Trigger on event, invoice generation, BPM with count support, history with comparisons to automate process.
Gadgetwrap Seller Story

Case Study: Teravan

Inventory Triggers + Dashboard

I have two virtual assistants and I am struggling for any more time. I cannot scale my business, the correct tools don’t exist.


  • Pulling inventory data for over 200 products in two countries and their movement to cross dock, warehouse, customers and back within Amazon, Shopify and Ebay.
  • Customized dashboard per product and of the business.
  • Creating triggers to signify when a product is low. Generating invoice so that once a product is low, it can rapidly be reordered. Customizing overall business dashboard for AWS U.S. / AWS CA using Grafana.
  • Pulling all inventory data on the hour into Google Sheets and Prometheus database.
  • Require claw-back reconciliation, invoice generation, stale cart notification.

HULFT presents a lot of value and the ability to have a single app to manage my entire ecommerce marketplace.


We are a community

We are creating a community of customers that advise us of features and functions to build for the community. Our mission is to keep automating and innovating and turning all of that over to the community, nonstop. Our ultimate success is to help our community make more off of eCommerce, keep more profits, and have more time to innovate and create more successful and powerful businesses.​

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