Automate, orchestrate, and transform information at scale.

Eliminate IT pressures, manual processes and human errors.

Integrated, accessible data is a critical part of running an efficient, modernized business. However, manual integration processes are error-prone and time consuming, putting companies at risk of missing important insights and taxing support staff.

With HULFT Integrate, there’s a better way.

By reading and connecting disparate data sources, HULFT Integrate acts as a centralized “integration hub” for all types of data. With a simple and secure user interface, HULFT Integrate does the heavy lifting for you. HULFT’s no-code, drag and drop, high-speed data integration architecture is compatible with all data destinations.

With HULFT Integrate, you can:

  • Reduce your data prepping time
  • Eliminate thousands of lines of data coding
  • Leverage diverse adapters that scale to your needs
  • Ensure high-speed, worry-free creation of data management applications
  • Simplify your data workflow
  • Scale to the complexities of your data decisions
  • Meet compliance and auditing requirements
  • Keep your data secure with permissions-based parameters

HULFT Integrate plays well with others.

Fast data ingestion requires a robust set of adapters. HULFT Integrate connects you to all your diverse data sources, no matter where they reside. Learn about the extensive list of HULFT Integrate Adapters.

Part of a comprehensive data logistics platform

HULFT Integrate fits into HULFT’s comprehensive data logistics platform, which also includes HULFT Transfer, one of the most trusted and widely adopted next-generation managed file transfer solutions on the market today.

With over 10,000 companies spanning finance, health and manufacturing sectors across 43 countries using the software, HULFT occupies the second largest global market share. We are one of the most trusted and widely adopted data logistics solutions on the market today.

Some of the world’s leading companies use HULFT:

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HULFT Integrate is sold in the U.S. and Europe. It is available in other countries under the brand DataSpider Servista.


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