HULFT delivers for the financial industry

FinTech was the driving force for creation of Hulft software



All of the financial institutions in Japan and most of the banks in Asia use HULFT to synchronize data across branches and divisions in diverse locations.


HULFT has proven that secure and reliable data transfer and integration is easy to manage.


HULFT’s performance has proven trustworthy and is integrated into finance companies’ most critical operations.

HULFT’s suite of integration and transfer software is integrated in critical operating environments in merchant banks, investment banks, insurance companies and trading associations. Complexity of systems continues to increase as customers expect more and more online access to tools that allow closer analysis and transparent decision making.

  • Managing security, privacy and access has become increasingly difficult as customers can only be allowed to see exactly their own data.  HULFT’s extraction tools have helped make the data accessible while maintaining privacy and control.
  • Merchant Banks rely on HULFT to extract, validate and transfer data between branches on very tight schedules while synchronizing master and subordinate data bases.
  • Investment Banks count on HULFT’s ability to transfer large numbers of files simultaneously to multiple sites keeping data current across a variety of trading, analysis and support tools.
  • Insurance companies use HULFT to synchronize and coordinate various systems in claims, billing, customer contacts, authorizations, risk management and user portals.
  • FinTech companies leverage HULFT’s broad compatibility to link legacy systems, integrate systems created by M&A and external customer/partner/vendor systems.  HULFT runs on everything from mainframes to Unix to Windows whether on premise or in the cloud. HULFT is scaleable from small banks using 10s of nodes to big insurance companies with 1000s of systems.
  • FinTech companies use HULFT to meet compliance requirements without compromising performance. Extensive tracking and auditing capability is built in.

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