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The healthcare industry’s data management requirements have exploded with the adoption of EMR. Collaboration, data sharing, data tracking, compliance and reporting continue to add new challenges as data volume continues at >5% CAGR.

HULFT’s suite of data integration and transfer software has been adopted by health care providers, health care payers, and pharmacological and device R&D organizations. Adoption of electronic medical records, data sharing, and compliance reporting have created demands for selection, cleansing and transfer of very large datasets.

  • Securing data and maintaining privacy while increasing patient access to their own data is extremely difficult while complying with many major rules and regulations. HULFT’s extraction tools have been used to improve application’s security, speed and integration across various data sources.
  • Health Care providers are using HULFT tools to consolidate data across care locations, extract, cleanse, collate and create reports. HULFT tools automatically deliver these reports to many federal, state and local agencies. HULFT removes the worry of errors caused by manual transactions and greatly reduces IT department workloads.
  • As Health Care has become distributed, Providers and Payers use HULFT to coordinate data to improve patient outcomes. Collecting data from labs, specialist providers, general practitioners, and managing the appropriate payments for a particular patient requires data cleansing and extraction plus secure high volume data transfer. HULFT’s speed, flexibility and reliability has proven to improve the pace of business.
  • Health research activities are relying on ever bigger data sets and more collaboration than ever before. HULFT’s reliable error correcting transfers move big data fast to provide the best decision paths for new drugs and devices.

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