HULFT synchronizes data at the speed of business

Just In time manufacturing demands ever more timely data and ever more accurate solutions to synchronize orders, suppliers, inventories and shipments across ever larger, worldwide, corporate footprints. IT system complexity has grown to a significant share of manufacturing cost.

HULFT’s suite of integration and transfer software has been adopted in critical manufacturing systems worldwide. HULFT is used synchronizing inventory, matching orders to suppliers, shipments to orders, and extracting value from complex supply chains. Manufacturers constantly optimize supplier cost, reliability, location and timing to find the best near term solution to their customer oriented shipments.
  • HULFT suite is used extensively in automating order processing at the front end of the manufacturing chain. Automatic extraction, transformation and validation of order ingestion eliminates manual transcription errors.
  • Planners rely on HULFT to speed the business process by matching orders to inventory, flagging orders for obsolete or out of date parts, and keeping data synchronized across a wide set of target systems.
  • Manufacturers from drugs to automobiles to heavy industrial equipment rely on HULFT to get plans where they need to go, securely and on time. Tracking, proof of origin, proof of delivery and protection from faults are built into the HULFT Suite.
  • Provenance has become even more important in recent years due to the long term liability risks of manufacturers more complex products. Large data sets are easily handled by HULFT for archiving, extraction, and reporting for compliance, recalls or risk analysis.

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