Even though Electronic Data Interchange is nearing 50 years of age, it remains the leading method for businesses to transact with their partners, and chances are you will be doing more EDI in the next three years than you have in the past.

Our manufacturing and supply chain clients need faster partner transactions and secure communications but they often don’t have the resources or dedicated IT staff to make it happen.

That’s exactly why we created the HULFT EDI Service. Within weeks, we’ll deploy your modern EDI solution and manage everything in the back end, providing you with a web interface where you can observe HULFT processing your EDI transactions in real time.

Imagine seamless connections with partners, the ability to send & receive EDI documents, and quickly automate a new partner connection with ease.

Diagram: HULFT EDI Process

Strategic and Tactical Benefits

How much time could you and your staff save if your EDI provided real-time visibility into transaction status, enabling faster decision-making and better responsiveness to customer and market demands?

With HULFT EDI, you can:

Icon: Speed Up

Speed up business cycles by 60% or more

Icon: Cash Flow

Improve cash flow and reduce order-to-cash cycles by 20%

Icon: Closed Loop

Complete closed-loop transactions with partners in minutes with no human intervention required

Icon: Automatic Distribution

Automate application data across your supply chain with zero coding

Icon: Speed up transactions

Dramatically reduced order processing times, resulting in more accurate inventory reports and fewer stock outs

Icon: Document Processing

Faster document processes result in 80% less intervention and re-work by your staff

HULFT Meets You Where You’re At in Your EDI Evolution

Approximately 10% of our clients are creating a new EDI solution from scratch, but most of the time, we are hired to optimize your current environment with key initiatives that include:

  • Replacing a legacy EDI provider with a modern, more flexible option
  • Improving a custom or homegrown EDI system
  • Re-platforming older infrastructure with updated protocols, APIs and functionality

Maintaining Industry Standards for Enterprise Security and Compliance.

HULFT’s Drummond-Certified EDI software that supports every major EDI standard, document, and protocol.

Just as important, is your own internal data integrations. We offer standard/secure connectors for ERP, SCM, WMS, CRM and other enterprise platforms. No matter if the system is 50 years old or 5, we can connect it.

Data Security

Getting Started

HULFT typically deploys its first partner connection within 30 days. We do it through a rapid deployment methodology that starts with a consultation with one of our trading partner experts who learns your current systems and what business objectives you are trying to achieve.

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