HULFT Director

Secure, centralized visibility and management for your data workflows

Connecting systems and wrangling spaghetti code is one of IT’s key challenges within organizations. The lack of visibility into multiple computers, hosts, and systems means companies cannot respond and resolve data transfer and integration issues as quickly as needed.

HULFT Director brings together two powerful solutions – HULFT Transfer and HULFT Integrate – for highly flexible, intuitive, web-based central management that includes user authentication, access control, workload processing, system status updates, and more.

With over 10,000 companies spanning finance, health and manufacturing sectors across 43 countries using the software, HULFT occupies the second largest global market share. We are one of the most trusted and widely adopted data logistics solutions on the market today.

Why HULFT Director

  • Significantly reduce software license and install time
  • Improve system and transaction error reporting, notification, and resolution
  • Create extensible platform for adding engines and capabilities
  • Powerful scalability to manage thousands of hosts if needed
  • Reduce training time with an intuitive, responsive interface
  • Brings together data transfer and integration for an accelerated data logistics platform`

Key Features

Centralized user management

  • Control who has access to see, create, run, and monitor file transfer and integration
  • Enable select users to install, remove or upgrade software engines across the registered
  • Assign users to particular hosts or
  • Create user groups for particular hosts or jobs for multi-level support in the case of network or host
  • User authentication to manage user access directly or integrate with popular LDAP or Active Directory

Remote host functions

  • Automatically register remote hosts whether on closed private networks, cloud based hosts or a complex mixture of hosts and
  • Manage file transfer options for each host such as protocol choices, pre and post execution scripts, schedules and
  • Manage data integration projects and scripts including remote execution, monitoring and
  • Monitor basic life functions such as disk and memory usage and compute
  • Manage license assignments and product revisions by
  • Connect to external hosts (eg customer machines) outside of the managed hosts to send or receive
  • Automatically finds the best (shortest) transfer paths by disambiguation of the various IP addresses assigned to This is particularly useful for virtual machines hosted by cloud providers.
  • Create and monitor file transfers with various protocols provided by HULFT

Real-time visibility and monitoring

  • Set up and execute file transfers and see real time progress of a file transfer
  • Automatically records history of the file transfers in an easy to read
  • Easy to use filtering of history logs with customizable archives of the
  • Integrated Error logging with hints for
  • Monitor, move, trigger and schedule data integration jobs created by HULFT
  • Complex integration projects created by HULFT Integrate can be installed and executed across many
  • Monitor real time progress of a large integration
  • Automatically records history of execution in an easy to read
  • Easy to use filtering of history logs with customizable archives of the
  • Manage and see connections between Integration projects and file

Prioritized alerts and customizable reporting

  • Create custom reports for system status, Host reports, projects and users.
  • Save reports for archiving inside Hulft Director or export to CSV
  • Easily record snapshots of current status and re-use reports for periodic
  • Create complex logical alerts for Job or system
  • Create simple logical filters to send user alerts to gain attention to issues or special projects flagged by the
  • Alerts can be SMS messages, emails and are displayed on the front page or dashboard of HULFT
  • Direct attention to certain users or user groups for resolution or
  • Direct emails or notifications to stakeholders outside of HULFT For example, when sending data to a customer or partner, notify the partner that the data was successfully sent via email or text message.
  • Customizable dashboard for overview
  • Widgets show bandwidth usage, system status, files transferred, error rates, and specific error
  • Widgets are customizable and new widgets are always being added
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