HULFT Integrate for Tableau

Business IT environments are not only changing rapidly, but growing ever more complex. To stay competitive, businesses need to be able to make agile, data-driven decisions. But to successfully analyze data and draw business insights from that data, experts are required and often, the process itself is difficult and time-consuming.

HULFT, a global leader in data logistics, automates integration, security, and transfer. Our data integration product, HULFT Integrate, provides a simple graphical user interface to create cooperation flows, data conversion and processing with a simple drag-and drop so that complex data connections are easier than ever to execute.

Use HULFT? Use Tableau?

Data ingestion requires a robust set of adapters, and HULFT Integrate connects organizations to all their data sources, no matter where they reside. HULFT’s 50+ flexible adapters connect to any data source, whether it’s in the cloud, mainframe, on an application, or database. It also supports various protocols and file types, both internally and externally.

The HULFT Integrate Adapter for Tableau enables organizations using both HULFT and Tableau to create a flexible, no-code data integration foundation for collecting and transforming their data, and seamlessly feed it into Tableau for data analysis. The combination of Tableau and HULFT Integrate expands an organization’s ability to analyze and draw insights from a greater pool of data.

Key Features of HULFT Integrate Adapter for Tableau

The HULFT Adapter for Tableau enables users to extract and integrate data from various data sources supported by HULFT Integrate, and source it to Tableau for application. Key features include:

Generation of Tableau Data Extract file (TDE)

HULFT Integrate generates TDE files, which is a proprietary file format by Tableau. Tableau Desktop reads-in this file for analysis. By leveraging data collection and transformation features of HULFT Integrate, users can run preprocesses such as cleansing of high-volume data, data transformation, and merging of multiple data sources.

Support of Tableau REST API

With REST API, users can upload and publish the generated TDE files above to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Diagram 1: Image of HULFT Integrate and Tableau in use
Diagram 2: More than 50 adapters
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