HULFT Modernizes the Transfer of Sensitive Medical Information for Commercial Printer

Commercial printing | HULFT Transfer, HULFT Integrate

This client-company offers comprehensive printing and documentation services including the creation, collection, and transmission of medical interview sheets containing sensitive personal medical data for use by health care providers. In order to meet the security compliance standards required, while still providing customer-demanded functionality and ease-of-use, the client relied on HULFT Transfer and HULFT Integrate for the construction of a new communication infrastructure.

The Situation: Ensuring the security and accuracy of sensitive medical records

The client-company operates in contract with participating medical institutions, providing customers with the tools needed to edit, print, and store the file before it is transmitted to recipients. Combining cutting-edge technology into the traditional printing services industry, this client’s medical documentation service has garnered accolades for a precise focus on meeting institutional customers’ requirements for fast and secure data transmission between all parties in the health care process.

The Challenge: Transmission failures and complex security needs require a new approach

Prior to HULFT, documents were transferred using costly and time-consuming security vehicles. As the client’s customer base expanded, bottlenecks began to occur during the processing phase of the data operation. Data accuracy and reliability may be paramount, but operational speed and ease-of-use drive customer satisfaction. To close the gap, the company needed to develop an environment that was simple to operate and understand.

Medical records contain personal and private information, and health care organizations face high security and compliance scrutiny. Electronic

transmission of medical documentation demands the most accurate and secure environment as efficiently possible. The selection requirements demanded ease of use, the ability to transfer multiple file types quickly and securely, with no additional development burdens.

“Sending and receiving the results of medical examinations from medical institutions – data that constitutes sensitive personal information – requires a high level of security…  In the communication infrastructure we built, combining a closed network with HULFT made it possible to exchange information more cost-effectively, but just as securely.”

Sales Planning Division Manager, Printing Services Company

Solution: HULFT Transfer for the secure and fast transfer of files

The company was already using HULFT Transfer for its file transfer services and, after a rigorous examination of potential options, HULFT Integrate was chosen to revise the data communication infrastructure. Easily meeting all of the technical requirements, HULFT Integrate provides the client with ease-of-use through a graphical user interface platform that allows the end-user to drag and drop files that need to be transferred.

The HULFT Integrate offers the same level of functionality as scratch-developed software without extensive programming costs. By releasing common templates for frequently used functions, users can make quick and simple revisions as needed for specific files, allowing the company to custom-tailor the solution to fit its needs.

Once a user makes the modifications to a HULFT Integrate template, s/he simply enters the file’s information then drags and drops the file into a folder. The file transmits securely and automatically. Files are logged and checked upon transfer and any potential mistakes are immediately identified. Now, the company enjoys worry-free file transfers.

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