HULFT Integrate

Our “No Coding Required” drag-and-drop application integration solutions can connect and organize your data from over 50 different databases and applications quickly and easily.


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Connecting your application and database information quickly, reliably and securely.


No Coding

Our icon-based GUI allows anyone to design sophisticated and automated data extraction and integration scripts quickly and easily.


Easily Maintained

Because we our scripts are graphical, icon-based and easy to understand, your staff can maintain thousands of scripts with little training and experience.


From Windows and Linux to mainframes and the cloud, scalable deployments make it easy tune your application.

Pre-Built Logic

Custom data processing is quickly designed using more than 150 pre-built plug in tools. Pre-built extraction, data validation, error reporting, email tasks, aggregation and modeling tasks are easy icon based plug ins. These proven logical tools are easy to configure and deliver very fast and accurate designs that are self documenting.


If our large set of supported application and database adapters are not enough, you can easily add your own custom adapters and extend our capabilities.

Database and Application Adapters

Logic, Transform, Filter, and Monitor Functions

HULFT Integrate uses an icon based drag and drop interface to create data management applications.  Integrate converts and processes data in flows created by a simple drag-and-drop interface. Complex connections are easy to create and execute, whether for an ad hoc analysis or as a part of a persistent data flow application.  A complex integration task that might take over 14,000 lines of java code would take only 13 connected icons to implement.  HULFT Integrate saves you time in implementing and easily pays for itself in reduced maintenance costs.

Compliance and Auditing
HULFT Integrate, especially when combined with HULFT Transfer, provides visibility into every aspect of your data management process.  HULFT gives you the who, what, where, when, and how of every granular detail of your integrations.  Integrate allows easy creation of required tracking whether you have SOX, HIPPA or other requirements

Whether your integrations scripts need to run on a regular schedule or need to be triggered by an event, HULFT Integrate has you covered.  Workflows can be scheduled to run at any interval.  They can also be triggered by an event such as a file landing in a folder or a file being changed.


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