HULFT Transfer

We move large volumes of information quickly, securely, and reliably around the globe.  It is why thousands of customers have relied on HULFT software solutions for over 20 years.

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Moving information securely and reliably for over 20 years.



We employ the latest encryption techniques to deliver your data without tampering or the possibility of snooping.


We’ve built our reputation on our ability to move data faster than our competition.



With built in redundancy and restart capabilities, we make sure your information arrives intact.


From Windows and Linux to Mainframes and the cloud our solutions work everywhere.



Platforms and OSs

HULFT Transfer seamlessly connects IT systems around the world, safely and securely moving data as backbone of your organization. HULFT is a fully featured solution that replaces slow, outdated, insecure, and hard to manage file transfer and data management systems. HULFT contributes to the speed of constantly evolving business through its ease of configuration and modification.

Lightning Fast
HULFT Transfer provides extremely fast file transfers — in many cases up to 6 times as fast as ftp.  A combination of compression and proprietary technology, ensure that HULFT’s delivery speed is second to none.

HULFT helps you safeguard your sensitive data using strong encryption technology and modern authentication methods. Our easy to use interface allows you to easily configure, automate and track all of your inbound and outbound data transfers.

HULFT is compatible with UNIX, Linux, and Windows. Versions are also available for mainframe OSes such as z/OS, MSP, and VOS.   HULFT even works with medium-size systems running i5/OS. With HULFT, seamless data integration between a wide variety of business applications is possible. Transfer files between your enterprise’s different locations, or with external organizations.

HULFT products are used by over 8,600 companies in 43 countries in a wide variety of industries for mission critical business processes.

Cloud and Central Management
With our central management tools, HULFT makes it a snap to manage your entire network of data transfers from one location.

With HULFT your organization can meet compliance requirements without compromising performance.

Our customers are so happy with HULFTS’s reliability, they never leave. Many of our customers have been with us since we started more than 20 years ago.

Existing HULFT installations range from 10s to thousands of systems. Using our hub and spoke technology organizations can manage the entire network centrally.

Need to track your data transfers? No problem! We log every transaction across your entire network of HULFT nodes. Your need to produce auditable reports is just a click away.

User designed processes are easily integrated with HULFT, whether special tasks are required before or after transfer.  Business processes can be speedily implemented using HULFT tools to decrease the burden of the IT engineers and reduce maintenance costs.


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