In one dashboard, see all of your selling activity, everywhere.

Know your business. Keep your promises. And your 5-star rating.

HULFT connects and integrates your digital selling workflows. Your customizable dashboard allows you to drill in, for questions, geographic breakouts or zoom out for summaries.

Pick Your Favorite Dashboarding Tool

Google Sheets

Status Updates Magically Appear

Status Updates Magically Appear

Stop cutting and pasting supplier CSVs into spreadsheets and spend more time running your business

Icon: Data Feeds

Put 50+ data feeds on one centralized dashboard.

Tell us what inbound data sources you have and where it needs to go.

Icon: Seller Database

Create your own seller database, auto-saved to your drive. Daily.

HULFT is the only online commerce company that doesn’t collect or keep your data hostage.
We’re the ones who find it and bring it to it’s rightful owner: YOU.
We’ll also build you a custom noSQL database with your business rules and store it on your drive – whether in the cloud or on your computer.

Icon: Dashboard Updates

Dashboard updates 
magically appear.

HULFT provides the integration engine that extracts data from Amazon and other partners and suppliers and puts it into the spreadsheet or portal of your choice. No more manual entry.

Icon: Time

Get 34% 
of your day back.

HULFT’s recent customer survey found that a typical online retail owner spends 34% of their time maintaining spreadsheets, scraping data from an average 16 sources to maintain the current status of their products and locations. That’s three hours a day that you could be spending with customers or a more valuable task!

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